NVIWODA builds resilience for girls and young mothers; victims of the COVID-19 lockdown by enhancing their skills.

Figure 1: NVIWODA builds resilience and hopes for girls and young mothers; victims of COVID-19 lockdown empowering girls in leadership and management skills

The story of Nakamya Annet

I first met Ms. Nyarwa in 2006, when she was invited to Kabulasoke by the Lubaale project of which I was a member.  She trained our group in juice-making and baking skills for two days. Since then, I saw a bright light in NVIWODA. I became very active and participated in many pieces of training organized by NVIWODA. “I am now a woman activist in my area she testified’’, Nakamya remarks.

Since 2014 under NVIWODA Food Security Project, I became a knowledgeable farmer and I now practice sustainable and integrated agriculture with the correct knowledge. I produce food for consumption and for the sale of surplus.

I am a primary six school leaver, I could not speak English, which I thought was a limitation to improving my life. Through NVIWODA, I have gained self-confidence, I earn income from my agricultural work and I have been able to buy a smartphone. I, I am self-dependent because I do me because do my own business to earn a living.

On 25th October 2022, NVIWODA organized a training of women farmers and girls from the rural area of Kabulasoke-Gomba and business women from Kampala. WOUGNET staff trained us in the skills of ICTs. We shared a lot and learnt how to correctly use my smartphone using many apps on the phone. I can now network with other women in our community and outside to access information and share our activities. I am able to access agricultural information and market my products through a WwhatsA app group.

I took a picture of my vegetable garden and shared it with our farmer’s group. This is the beginning; I hope to effectively use and benefit more from my smartphone. 

Figure 2: ANNET Multistoried vegetable garden, Photo taken after training in ICTs on 13.11.2022

Figure 3: women farmers, girls, entrepreneurs, and NVIWODA team attending Digital skilling training by  WOUGNET ON 25.10.2022 at NVIWODA.

Figure 4: WOUGNET Staff (Saitoti and Esther) pose for a group photo on 25.10.2022 at NVIWODA


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