Why Women And Girls Need to Embrace Digital Technology

Digital technologies are electronic systems and resources that help us learn, communicate, and play, such as computers, smartphones, smart televisions, and websites, among others. Digital technology means that devices can be more compact, faster, lighter, and more versatile. Huge amounts of information can be stored and moved around virtually instantaneously, including photos, audio, and videos. According […]

Promoting Agroecology Assisted Transition to enhance food security and incomes among smallholders’ farmers through inclusive participation and digital technologies in Uganda (PATHS)

A significant portion of the Ugandan population relies on agriculture as their primary source of income, encompassing both those with advanced education and those without. The cultivation of both staple and cash crops serves as the foundation for livelihoods, achieved through the sale of agricultural goods and labor on farms in exchange for wages. Therefore, […]

WOUGNET’s visit to the ICT Committee at the Parliament of Uganda

On the 25th of July, Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) paid a visit to the ICT committee at the Parliament of Uganda. This visit was a follow-up to WOUGNET’s partnership with Internews with the primary objective of empowering women human rights defenders and journalists in Uganda to securely and safely participate and gain meaningful access […]

WOUGNET’s Engagement with the Uganda Police: Exploring Policy Concerns and Recommendations for Tackling Online Gender-Based Violence against Women

Online gender-based violence refers to any act that uses technology, primarily the internet, to perpetrate harm, harassment, or discrimination against individuals based on their gender. It manifests in various forms, including but not limited to cyberbullying, revenge porn, doxing, stalking, trolling, hate speech, and threats of violence. With the rise of digital connectivity across Africa, […]

Local Voices: Strengthening ICT Advocacy Skills & Resilience of CSOs & Media Organisations

The “Local Voices” project, funded by Internews, aimed at strengthening the capacities of Civil Society Organisations( CSOs) and media organisations in Uganda to effectively engage with legal frameworks and employ advocacy strategies. Recognising the role these entities play in shaping public opinions and influencing policy decisions, the project aimed to empower participants with knowledge and […]

August 2023: Having trouble moving files between Android and your iPhone

Transferring files between Android and iOS devices might seem challenging due to the different operating systems, but there are methods to do so securely. Here’s how you can safely move files between the two platforms: From Android to iOS: From iOS to Android: Safety Tips: Remember that different methods might work better for different scenarios. […]

Recognising the unique Challenges faced by Women in Rural Areas: What does it take for Women to Access and Use the Internet in Uganda?

 Caption: Digital Literacy Training by WOUGNET  Even though the gender digital divide has been narrowing across all regions, women remain digitally marginalized in many of the world’s poorest countries, where online access could potentially have its most powerful effect. There are approximately 4.9 billion people online and 2.9 billion offline with the biggest percentage of […]

July 2023: Data Security

In today’s digital age, ensuring the security of your data is paramount. Whether you’re an individual user or a business owner, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access and cyber threats is crucial. Follow these tech tips to enhance your data security: Remember, data security is an ongoing process that requires vigilance and adaptability. By following […]

Exploring the Patterns of Online Violence against Women and Girls; its Impacts and Online Protection Mechanisms.

IntroductionIn today’s digital age, the internet has become an integral part of our lives, offering numerous opportunities for connection, expression, and empowerment. However, alongside its benefits, the online world is also plagued by various forms of violence and abuse, specifically targeting women and girls. Online gender-based violence (OGBV) refers to any harmful act committed against […]

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