March 2024: How to use AI-generated backdrops in Instagram Stories

Meta has unveiled a fresh AI functionality for Instagram Stories, enabling users to effortlessly alter the backdrop of their photos with minimal effort.

A surge of AI-driven transformation is sweeping through the technology realm, with major players such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Meta harnessing AI’s potential to innovate and enrich their platforms. Meta, under Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership, is particularly focused on integrating AI capabilities into Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to elevate user experiences. Recently, the company unveiled a range of new AI features, including one enabling users to effortlessly alter the background of their Instagram Story photos with just a few clicks.

Dubbed the AI background feature, this functionality enables users to modify the backdrop of their Instagram Story photos using intuitive prompts, akin to features found in AI platforms like DALL-E or Midjourney. Although currently accessible to a select group of users, it is slated for a broader rollout in the coming weeks.

To utilize the AI background feature on Instagram, users will soon find it readily available upon uploading or capturing content for their stories. Positioned among the existing icons at the top of the screen, alongside options like text and music, this tool is denoted by an icon featuring a person with a rectangular frame behind them. Simply clicking on this icon activates the Backdrop feature.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to utilize the newly introduced AI feature for changing backgrounds on Instagram:

  1. Begin by capturing a photo or selecting one from your camera roll. Tap on the story icon located at the top of your Instagram interface.
  2. Once your photo appears on the editing screen, tap on the three dots positioned at the top right corner. From the menu, choose “Backdrop.”
  3. Instagram will commence analyzing various elements within your photo, including the background and individuals. Please allow a moment for this analysis to complete.
  4. You have the option to select or deselect different areas of your photo. The areas left unselected will be substituted when the new backdrop is generated.
  5. Upon finalizing your selections, tap on “Next.”
  6. Furnish a prompt in English for the AI to generate a new background. This prompt will guide the AI in its creation process.
  7. The background of the image will exhibit a checkered pattern, akin to prominent photo editing software such as Photoshop.
  8. A text box will emerge, prompting you to “Describe the backdrop you want.” Enter your desired description, ranging from “surrounded by dogs” to “field of flowers.”
  9. Tap on “Next.”
  10. Two backdrop options will be generated based on your provided prompt.
  11. If unsatisfied with the options presented, tap the refresh icon to generate another background using the same prompt.
  12. To modify the prompt, tap on it at the bottom and input a new one.
  13. Choose your preferred option and then tap on “Next.”
  14. When prepared to share, tap on “Your Story” located in the bottom left corner.
  15. The prompt you utilized will be included in your story as a sticker. You can adjust its position by tapping and dragging or remove it by dragging it to the delete option.

It’s worth noting a few considerations when employing the AI image generation feature:

  1. Although the AI automatically selects elements like people and animals, you can fine-tune the selection by tapping to retain what you desire in the final image.
  2. AI-generated photos will be visibly marked as such, ensuring transparency and avoiding potential misuse.
  3. Exercise caution regarding personal information in your text prompts, as AI-generated images may not always be entirely accurate or suitable.
  4. Lastly, be aware that Meta may gather and utilize information such as text prompts and generated images for the enhancement of AI models, as stated in their Privacy Policy.

Compiled by:
Letowon Saitoti Abdi, Snr. Technical Support Officer


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